How to Attribute

You must attribute the theme to its author:

In order to use this theme or a part of it, you must attribute it to it’s author (Diziana), so we will be able to continue creating awesome free theme resource for you.

How to attribute it?

For websites:

Please copy following attribution code in footer of all pages of your Zendesk Help Center:

<a href="">Zendesk® Theme Designed by Diziana</a>
How will it look

Diziana Zendesk Theme Attribution

You are free to use this theme
  • For Public Zendesk Help Center.
  • For both personal and commercial and to modify it.
  • In a website or presentation template or application or as part of your design.
  • To make a unique website design that’s based on a free theme to a client

You are not allowed to
  • Use it on Private Zendesk Help Center
  • Sub-license, resell or rent it (theme as it is, or customized version of theme, or any part of theme, components).
  • Redistribute, resell, or license a unique website design that’s based on a free theme, and was created for a client to a third party marketplace or another client.
  • Include it in any online or offline archive or database.
  • Share with anyone who hasn’t accepted our licensing agreement and terms-conditions.